According to Kissmetrics, there are more than 110 million Facebook users in the U.S. The average user has 130 friends. He refers products and passes on fun videos and posts to these people on a daily basis. If you’re not on Facebook, you are losing out in a major way.

Facebook is an effective B2C platform for small business. It is easy to share unique content like posts, photos and videos with a link. Consumers of all ages, from teens to grandparents are Facebook friendly.

Start by claiming your vanity username, which makes it  easier for followers to find you. Put up your fan page. Then you can start posting.

Post advice about using your product. Add customer testimonials. Re-post interesting news articles from other sources, with a short comment as to why you think it of interest to your followers.

According to DexMedia, the Yellow Page people, videos encourage sharing. You can find a funny one that is relevant on YouTube or even make a short one yourself.

Ask questions about what your customers would like to see in a new product. Ask for feedback about services, products and customer service.