Google+ is part of the behemoth Google family of digital services and can’t be ignored. An active presence on this platform can help your small business expand its visibility on the Google search engine results page. The platform is effective for both B2B and B2C marketing.

To start, simply sign up for an account. Use visuals like videos, photos and colorful graphics on your page. Make sure your page is coordinated in looks with your other social media and with your website. Completely fill out your Google+ business page. Don’t skip any area. The more info you provide, the more solid your company will appear to viewers.

With this in hand, start sharing content. After sharing a post on your page, post it to your communities using your personal profile. Business News Daily points out that when you share a link, it is important to add a personal comment too.

Make your posts easy to read by using bold, italic, underline and bullets. Add images and hashtags. Post business news about your company and information about new products and services. Add posts from around the web that contain useful, entertaining information for your followers. Ask for reviews for your business from readers.