★★★★★ 5 out of 5 Stars

William D. on Google

Three and a half years ago we moved into our home built by Hammer Custom Homes. All of our previous homes were existing homes. This is the first one we had built just for us. So we were nervous. On top of that we were living out of state during the design and building phases. The situation was susceptible to countless errors and misunderstandings. There were none. On our initial meeting we spoke of our needs and desires for a home. Dave and Debbie took it from there and came up with a design. We traded that design back and forth and until we were satisfied. Then construction started. Hammer Homes had internet based software that kept us up to date with each phase and choices needed for that next phase. Fortunately either my wife or I or both were able to come to Colorado to make on site decisions as well. When an adjustment was needed or desired it was done. An example: we noticed that the fireplace insert was ever so slightly off center, about an inch. The stone facing had been installed as well. It was only confirmed with measurement. Dave called the installer to have it corrected. I heard only Dave’s side of the conversation but it was clear that the installer was hesitant to admit any error. Finally Dave said effectively, “It doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what the customer thinks.” It was fixed the next day. Dave stayed on budget and on time. His subcontractors were courteous and capable and also on time. Debbie works well with interior design aspects within the house as well as decorating ideas. She does not pass herself off as a professional but she has a good eye just the same and we used many of her ideas. When a professional interior designer became necessary we were introduced to one. We love our house today and if we decided to build a new one tomorrow, it would be built by Hammer Custom Homes.