Copyright Notice

for Floor Plans, Designs, and Blueprints

Thank you for allowing the Hammer Homes family to be part of your custom home building experience. We greatly appreciate your business and want to take this opportunity to cover a few details about our copyrights. We hope the information below will clarify any confusion you may have about using our designs and floor plans with any other party other than Hammer Homes, Inc.

1. COPYRIGHT: All Floor Plans, Blueprints, and Designs are copyrighted! Hammer Homes, Inc. and David Hammer hold the copyrights to all the pre-designed plans on and off this web site. There are no exceptions. Like books, movies, and songs, federal copyright laws protect architects and home designers' intellectual property by giving copyright protection to home plans and designs. The copyright laws prevent anyone from reproducing or reusing the plans or design, even in part, without the copyright owner's written permission.

2. PUBLISHED MATERIAL: Do not copy, in whole or in part, designs or floor plans from any of our publications, electronic media, or existing homes. It is illegal to create construction drawings of home designs found in any PDF, brochure, plan book, electronic file(s), or from the Internet. It is a common misunderstanding that it is permissible to copy, adapt, or change a floor plan or design found in any media. Simply, it is not, and it is illegal to copy, in whole or in part, a constructed home that is protected by copyright, even if you have never seen the plans from the original home. If a particular plan or existing home is desired, plans must be purchased from an authorized source to use.

3. FLOORPLANS & BLUEPRINTS: No plans or blueprints can be copied or reproduced, in whole or in part, no exceptions. If additional sets of plans are needed for any reason, please contact Hammer Homes, Inc. Also, remember, copy shops are prohibited from making copies of any copyrighted material.

4. MODIFICATIONS: Only Hammer Homes, Inc. can make modifications to their designs, plans, or blueprints. If you request and participate in any change, revision, or complete redraw, the modified design is not free from Hammer Home's copyright. In addition, you do not have a claim to any part of the redesigned designs, plans, or blueprints.

5. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Any party who participates in the violation may be responsible whether you were aware of the copyright or not. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. It is your responsibility to refuse to be part of any illicit copying or use of designs, derivative works, prints, or design features unless working with Hammer Homes directly.

6. PENALTIES: Penalties for copyright infringement can be quite severe. Responsible parties must pay actual damages caused by the infringement, statutory damages up to $150,000, profits made from copyrighted material, and reasonable legal fees.

7. REVIEW SETS & AUTOCAD: Hammer Homes, Inc. does not allow the purchase of review sets or AutoCAD drawings.

8. ADDITIONAL HOMES: If you modify our plans, designs, or blueprints, the new work is considered a derivative of the copyrighted work. The copyright owner of the original work also owns the copyright to the derivative work. Even if changes are made to a plan, design, or blueprint, and you want to build the home multiple times, you must use Hammer Homes Inc. to build those additional homes.