How Custom Home Building Differ From Other Home Buildings

As compared with other kinds of home building projects, custom home building is way different in several ways. A clear discussion on the differences may help you to decide which type of home builder fits your needs.

A custom home-builder builds unique and creative homes for a particular client, usually at the lot already owned by the client. A customized home usually requires the assistance of an architect or designer to work in collaboration with the client to have one vision over the project. What makes custom built homes unique is the input of the client s. A client’s preferences include additions of certain amenities, added features, selected views, room designs and etc. Because of its nature, these types of projects can be lengthy and demands a great amount of time for preparation and revisions as the construction takes place. For most cases, customized homes are considered luxurious and belong to the high-end line of homes regardless of their sizes. This is also the reason why custom home builders are considered small-volume builders.

A Spec builder is one who buys lots and builds customized homes in it with plans of selling it once completed. These types of homes are built accordingly with the builder’s specifications, and they usually come in different rates, ranging from standard to high-end. Often times, these types of houses are already out for sale even when it’s still under construction. Spec builders are home builder who builds custom made homes by choice even without having a client in place yet.

Tract homebuilders, usually known as production builders, build in large lots of developer-owned subdivisions. Usually, developers build model homes for people to see and check. Tract homebuilders usually present four or five different model homes to choose from, and hundreds of lots to build on. These types of home builders also organizes open houses with their built model homes completely decorated for the public to see and give them potential clients an idea of what their finished home “will or can” look like. Clients will be provided with various model plans to choose from. Homes are then built in phases when transactions are finalized. For instance, after the first 25 houses are sold, a new phase will then be open for the next phase of selling to begin.

Custom construction, out of the three types of housing, has long been known as the more costly and expensive way to build. Consultation and assistance with designers and architects alone adds to the initial cost of the construction. But, on the long run, that extra cost will serve as an advantage, especially in terms of quality. Contrary to popular belief, custom built homes are not doesn’t necessarily mean they are large by size and are more elaborate. In fact, the trend now moves toward smaller homes with a smaller environmental footprint. Custom homes can be built with high-quality and eco-friendly designs and materials as per the client’s specifics, which basically mean that the house will be of long lasting quality. A client may request for energy-saving appliances and high-grade insulation to create a home that’s of cool temperature and not costly to heat and cool. And of course, living in a personalized home with your help and touch shown in its design will provide that added value to your home that is immeasurable.